Where should we take our Engagement photos?

Updated: Mar 24

I know what you’re thinking, do I really have to make another decision? I get it, in this season of your life, you have to make a lot of decisions. However, this is an easy decision to make. I suggest that you view your engagement session in 2 ways:

  1. Use them on your wedding website and save the dates so they add to your overall wedding experience.

  2. These are often your first professional portraits, it should be something you want to hang in your home. These are not just more “stuff for the wedding”, it’s your first family heirlooms that we are creating!

I’m based in the Monterey area and one of my favorite places to take my couples is Big Sur, but I totally understand that Big Sur is not for everyone. So, I wanted to offer some tips on how to decide where to take your engagement photos. I’ve divided it up based on your wedding vibe or personality.

  • More sentimental – go back to where you proposed or had your first date. You will never regret picking a place that aligns with your love story

  • Having a beach/tropical wedding take your photos at the beach! Ask your photographer for hidden spots so your photos don’t have a lot of people in the background

  • Playful and fun – A local park, flower garden, arboretum, etc. These places are full of nature and still feel very light and easy going (but of course still beautiful)

  • Elegant and reserved – City Hall, downtown, museum, etc. Some places will have very strict photo policies so be flexible!

  • Nature lovers – Obviously, here I’m going to suggest Big Sur! Its perfect for people who love being outdoors as much as I do. I also love the redwoods in Santa Cruz!

Later, I’ll be posting about what to wear for your engagement session but that aligns closely with your location! Stay updated for more of my tips by subscribing and get these directly sent to your email!

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