Why Do Bridal Details Matter?

Updated: Mar 24

I love capturing wedding details, not just flowers and rings but even the jewelry you wear or the perfume you put on.


To show your entire wedding day story. It’s because all of that goes to into your wedding day story. The wedding day goes by so fast! When you are old and grey I want your wedding album to hold all the details of the day.

You paid for & planned it. How long have you been planning your wedding? On average couples spend around 9-18 months planning their big day. I want to capture all of your hard work!

Incorporate something special. Your wedding details are a great way to incorporate something or someone special into your wedding day. One of my all time favorites was my bride Jamie who put a picture of her late father into her bouquet.

I’ve had some brides tell me “details aren’t that important” but trust me, I want you to have the memories of picking out your shoes, spraying your perfume, or even writing your love a note on their shoes. It’s all a part of your love story and you brought me along to capture it.

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