Rock your Engagement Session

Updated: Mar 24

1. Pick a place that you love 

Pick a place that you love or has a special place in your love story. Don't feel pressure to take photos in a place just because it represents "that place", pick a location that represents the both of you! Also, I suggest doing a max of 2 locations (although one is fine too!). You don't want to spend the session stuck in traffic. 

2. Wear what you want

When you're comfortable, you take better photos. I want you to feel confident and comfortable in what you have on. Couples typically like to wear a casual outfit and then change into something a little dressier. I want you to dress like yourself. 

3. Leave the props at home

At the end of the day, you want your pictures to reflect your love. I'm out to capture real emotions and I don't want props to get in the way, plus its less for you to worry about. The one exception is if something relates to your love story, then I'm all for it! 

4. Make a day of it! 

I want you both comfortable and relaxed, that's hard to do after hours of work or running errands. Instead, think about grabbing something to eat, or stopping by a bar for happy hour, or just do something you both enjoy before your session. This way I can capture you at your best; happy, full of love, and a little tipsy. 

5. Be ready to be intimate and honest

I'm not ashamed to say I get pretty close. You have to allow me to into your intimate space, not just physically, but emotionally. Think about how you act when you're alone, it might be full of laughs but I'm sure it also has quite moments too. I want to capture it all, the real you! It's okay if the wind is messing up your hair or if you get a little dirty, I'll still keep shooting so just have fun with it. Try to forget that this is a "photo shoot" and try to enjoy the experience. You get to cuddle up with the one you love, so just have fun.

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