5 Things to do After you get Engaged

Updated: Mar 24

I’m all about practical advice. In today’s blog I’m going to share with the top 5 things you should do after you get engaged. This is of course after you’ve told all of your family and friends!

  1. Budget. If you do a quick google search you’ll see that on average Americans spend about $34,000 on their weddings, but in California where I live that is actually a bit higher at around $40,000. Los Angeles ($44,142) and San Francisco ($39,329) according to The Knot's annual survey. You and your fiancé need to be on the same page when it comes to the budget so get that conversation out of the way quickly and be sure to add a buffer for emergencies and unexpected costs.

  2. Location. This is more than just deciding on a venue but actually the city. More and more couples don’t actually live where they grew up. Are you going to go back to your home town? Have everyone come to you? Or just all travel to a location?

  3. Date. Do you have a date or month that is special to your relationship? A favorite month? Also, are you thinking about getting married in the summer/spring or fall/winter? These are important questions to get you started once you have decided on a location.

  4. Guest List. Do you want a big or small wedding? What is considered big or small to the both of you? For the first few months the guest list can ebb and flow, but you need a general idea of your count for your venue and caterer.

  5. What is the most important? Your budget should go to what’s the most important for you both. If the food is more important than flowers or is the venue the most important? My point is that you will have to prioritize what elements are the most important to both of you.

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