How to pick your bridal party?

The best bridal parties are the ones where everyone is really there for the couple. They don’t care if something is wrong with them they turn their attention to the people getting married, they are ready to laugh, keep the energy light, and do what I say to get the best photos.

The worst bridal parties are the ones where they are constantly talking about themselves (their hair, shoes, clothes, etc). The ones where they are so serious and worried about their “angles” and not supporting their friend!

Here are a few of my tips to help you pick the people in your bridal party.

1. They are family/friends and you want them for support

2. You want them in your photos FOREVER

3. They help you in some way (they can provide support, you can count on them to be honest, they can boss people around etc.)

4. You love them (duh!)

Yes, these people will be in your photos forever, but more importantly you want people who will support and love you on your big day.

Here's a few more tips to pick your party:

  • Were you in their wedding? While this doesn’t mean that you have to automatically put them in your bridal party it could be nice to consider them.

  • Are they your best friend?

  • Are they related to your fiancée? I totally regret not incorporating my husband’s sisters into our wedding.

  • Are they someone you trust to love and support you on your wedding day?

I hope I helped to get you thinking about how to make your bridal party decisions.

I really like this point system by BRIDES so feel free to check it out here:

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