5 things about me!

Hi friends!

I’m switching things up today and instead of sharing my usual wedding tips, I decided to share 5 things about me that you might not know.

1. My love language is physical touch so I’m a hugger, cuddler, snuggler, and stage 5 clinger. But my husband doesn't mind so it all works out.

2. I hate exercise, but I do yoga every day. I know that seems crazy but since I have anxiety it’s honestly the only thing that keeps me calm and relaxed throughout the day. I don’t count it as exercise, it’s more like meditation.

3. I constantly flip flop between wanting a ranch in the country or having a loft in the city. Maybe one day I’ll have both!

4. I’m currently obsessed with European crime noir on Netflix. Check out the show Borderliner, its my current favorite. I've watched it twice!

5. Every year that I’ve been married, me and my husband take an international trip together. We’ve been to the Bahamas (2013), Canada (2013), South Africa (2014), Tanzania (2014), Kenya (2014), Canada (2015), Mexico (2016 and 2017). We still don’t know where we’re going this year yet since we are such last-minute planners!

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